Things You Didn’t Know About Your Yorkie

Things you didn't know about your Yorkie featured image

Photos: Jocelyn McIntyre + Ariche Snyman

In the article below I want to discuss some things that not many Yorkshire Terrier owners are aware of.

Much more than just looking absolutely adorable, Yorkies are famously known for their personalities.

Yorkies have an interesting history and there are also some facts that you probably didn’t know!

1) Yorkies were bred to hunt

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Yes that’s right! Your innocent little dog is much more than just an adorable teddy that barks.

Yorkies were bred to hunt rodents in the UK many years ago.

Over time however, Yorkies have morphed into more of a central family member than a bloodthirsty hunter.

2) Yorkies do not shed their coat

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It’s true. The hair you see on the floor is actually yours, not your Yorkies!

All jokes aside though, if you or a family member suffers from allergies related to pet hair and dander, your Yorkie will not worsen these symptoms.

That being said, people with severe allergies to pet hair probably should consult with a professional before getting a pet.

Other dogs like Huskies or German Shepherds for example will shed more hair than Chewbacca.

A Yorkshire Terrier is the solution for the allergy prone dog lover like myself.

3) Your Yorkie will react to your emotions

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I wouldn’t be surprised if you have noticed this already if you’re a current or previous Yorkie owner.

Your Yorkie looks at you as their parent. If you are sad or in an argument with someone then your Yorkie will react accordingly.

Your Yorkie will comfort you in hard times.

I know this for a fact because when I have been severely sad in the past my Yorkie instantly cuddles up to me and reminds me it’s going to be ok.

Sometimes just sitting on your couch being sad is enough to trigger your Yorkie’s loving nature and they will come to you and make sure you are okay.

Or at the very least, they’ll make sure you are okay enough to feed them!

An interesting side note is that if you are away from your Yorkie for more than a few hours they may have trouble eating because all they want is for you to return before they eat.

4) Yorkies are intelligent

Photo: FreeImages

Yorkies can be trained just like other dogs, some people even say that Yorkies can be trained more effectively than other dogs because Yorkies are naturally smarter.

Sometimes I think my Yorkie is smarter than myself.

The simplicity of his life and how he doesn’t stress the big things… I sometimes wish I could be a Yorkie.

I know for a fact though that my Yorkie is smarter than some other people, like certain politicians for example!

Maybe it is time that Yorkies should be elected into office and run the country.

I’m not saying it is guaranteed to work.

I’m just saying we haven’t tried it so we don’t know that it won’t!


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