Yorkie Bit Twice by Snake, Please Send Prayers

Yorkie Bit Twice by Snake, Please Send Prayers featured image


“I need to ask a favor from you sweet friends.

My sons little parti yorkie was bit twice this evening by a pygmy rattler (Adult only about 1 ft long). He rushed her to an emergency vet who has frantically been working on her and so far she is hanging in there.

We need all the prayers we can get for her. The vet said that since he got her there so fast and knew what the snake was she has a good chance.

It will take 2 or 3 doses of anti-venom and meds for blood clotting and haemolysis. This type of venom was very damaging even though the snake was an adult.

Had it been a baby the vet said she never would have made it to the car.

Stella the Yorkie receiving care

Anyway, her name is Stella and I would appreciate any thoughts and prayers you can spare for my grandpuppy. She will be 2 yr old Christmas day. Thank you.”

By Kathy Hopper, The Yorkie Club

PLEASE Pray for little Stella,

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