A Scary Warning For All Yorkie Owners

I didn’t want to share this story but since it is so important I knew that I had to.

A year ago my sister was enjoying a weekend BBQ with friends.

She was out at a friend’s house at the time and also brought along her two small dogs.

One of them being a Yorkshire Terrier.

The Yorkie’s name was Ty. He was so cute and tiny and needless to say my sister was absolutely obsessed.

You see, my sister is in her late thirties with no children and as such her dogs are basically her children.

So it goes without saying that the following events that occurred that fateful day during the BBQ with friends have totally devastated and have never left my sister.

The BBQ was going great and everybody was enjoying themselves.

Ty the Yorkie was playing around the house and garden with the children who were also there.

During lunch one of the children gave Ty a piece of BBQ chicken, sadly this is all it took for absolute tragedy to strike.

Ty, being a hungry little Yorkie smelling all the beautiful food that was around, happily chomped down on the relatively small piece of chicken he was given.

Eventually however, Ty would stop moving.

He didn’t freak out or bark or run around, he simply stopped moving.

That piece of chicken that the child gave to Ty had got stuck in his throat.

Ty was unable to breathe and passed away right there on the spot.

The fact that Ty didn’t even react was the sad catalyst which lead to my sister only realising that something was horribly wrong only when it was much too late.

There are some lessons we must learn from this tragedy.

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1) Ensure you know exactly what your Yorkie is eating.

If that means giving a verbal warning to all people to absolutely not feed your Yorkie then so be it.

2) If you bring your Yorkie out with you, ensure they are safe.

I’m certainly not blaming my sister for what happened.

However, certain factors did occur and the reality is that she wasn’t watching her Yorkie.

3) Don’t take life for granted.

This should be obvious yet it isn’t.

It is so easy to adapt. Whether it be adapt to good circumstances or bad.

Getting caught up in life’s craziness is a problem we all find hard to avoid.

Taking things for granted is the bain of humanity’s existence.

This is why it is important to be reminded of why we shouldn’t take things for granted.

Please Share this story with other Yorkie owners to help prevent what happened to Ty from happening to other Yorkies!


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