Tiny Yorkie and Big Dog are Best Friends

Tiny Yorkie and Big Dog are Best Friends featured image

Source: Joy Kunshier / TheYorkieClub

If there is one thing that Yorkshire Terriers have that most other tiny dogs don’t it is a huge attitude.

I’m not saying having a huge attitude is bad.

When you’re a Yorkie, having a huge attitude is extremely beneficial.

Not only can you demand your needs be met at all times, but you can even have fun in situations where other small dogs would cower in fear!

The below video is an exact situation like that.



That Yorkie playing tug of war with his big brother is truly the literal embodiment of exactly what I was talking about.

Granted, you do get other small dog breeds that get on well with larger dogs, but you will find that it is rare where both dogs will play together so well.

In one motion that big black dog could totally win the battle with his little brother Yorkie.

But that would not be fun for any of them! Yorkies know their place and sometimes like to overstep their boundaries.

The problem with having such a large dog around such a small dog is that with one motion that big dog could cause serious injury to the little Yorkie.

The Yorkie knows this however, so will not test his luck too much when around his big brother.

That is why Yorkies are not only adorable and tenacious but also intelligent.

Granted if you put your Yorkie on your lap their intelligence goes out the window. All they care about is getting attention at that point.

I can recall one specific example where my Yorkie jumped on my lap while I was working and after petting him he laid back and expected me to totally support him – even while falling off my lap!

His thought process was: “Im on your lap now. Therefore drop everything and give me attention now!”

Luckily I noticed he was slipping off my lap and I caught him just in time but even during the brief moment he was falling he made absolutely no attempt to stop himself from falling.

He didn’t even brace himself for hitting the ground – that is what I mean when I say Yorkie intelligence goes out the window the second you are holding them or giving them attention.

That being said, the next time my Yorkie jumps on my lap while I am working I will gladly stop and give him all the attention he wants and then put him on the ground so he cannot fall.


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