Yorkie Gets Adorable Haircut

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When it comes to cutting your Yorkie’s hair, you should definitely consider taking them to a professional dog groomer.

I have tried cutting my Yorkie’s hair myself once and it was a disaster.

I don’t know why but my Yorkie got so energetic when I attempted to cut his hair so it became a tricky situation.

That is, until I watched a video of Yorkies getting their hair professionally cut.

I’m not sure how, but most dog groomers are able to keep your dog calm which is extremely important when cutting their hair.

Yorkies especially need to have their hair cut or trimmed every once in a while because their hair doesn’t naturally shed, unlike most other dogs.

This is actually one of the reasons I got a Yorkie in the first place.

Being allergic to pet dander and pet hair is something I’ve been able to overcome by choosing a Yorkie!

Granted I still had a mild allergic reaction upon first welcoming my Yorkie to my home but since then my allergies are totally fine.

If I had gotten a dog that sheds their hair, my allergies would not have been able to cope!

My favorite part about this video is watching the cute little Yorkie get out of the bath and get their hair dried.

It’s amazing seeing their hair go from wet and loose to beautiful and flowing.



Anyone who has bathed their Yorkie knows this themselves – the difference is impeccable.

Before you go ahead and get your Yorkies hair cut or groomed, you should definitely without a doubt check for reviews of the dog groomer.

Personally, my sister’s Yorkie returned from the groomer one day and had a wound on their paw that wasn’t there before they got groomed!

Mistakes do happen, but when your entire profession is cutting dogs hair you should definitely avoid cutting their paw with the scissors…

Needless to say my sister wasn’t happy and left a scathing review of this dog groomer to warn others about what happened to her Yorkie.

That’s why I say you should absolutely make sure to research multiple dog groomers in your area, check the online reviews and be careful.

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